Our Story

At PDLN, we’re all steeped in education. We are educational technology trainers, curriculum experts, school administrators, innovation award-winning educators — formal, informal and homeschool, lifelong learners, and EdTech industry visionaries.

Our breadth of experience means we understand the challenges of traditional “sit and get” PD. We embrace and embody a new model in which educators develop and demonstrate meaningful skills and apply them to classroom practice.

Since our official launch in February 2016, we’ve built partnerships with organizations like Microsoft, Canvas, Follett, Dremel, Badge Alliance. Our first-of-its-kind partnership with WASC-accredited University of the Pacific enables educators to earn university-based professional development units for their learning, along with PDLN badges.

Mission Statement

We provide competency-based online professional development that allows professionals to learn just what they need, honors prior knowledge, captures the application of new skills, and provides trustworthy validation.

Core Values

♥   Relational

We value and respect every individual: clients, partners and fellow team members. We’re not happy until our customers and partners are happy.

✻   Collaborative

We’re all in it together: We listen to all voices, we speak our ideas, and work together to make innovation possible.

✓  Solution Driven

We will work to find a creative, effective solution to every challenge.

◷    Present

We give 110%, 100% of the time. We balance work, family, recreation, and learning, so we can be fully present for each.

⟳   Relevant

We keep up-to-date with a rapidly changing world so we can innovate to meet tomorrow’s needs. We hold ourselves to the same rigorous expectations of professional relevance that educators face in the classroom every day.