Our Courses

PDLN creates professional development courses based on the needs of today’s educator, from digital citizenship and trending technology to practical application and pedagogy. You build skills and demonstrate new competencies. Then we issue badges you can share as evidence of professional growth and your ability to use it to improve student learning.


Digital Citizenship


Experience and Trust

A team of experienced educators and EdTech experts, PD Learning Network provides relevant content in essential and trending topics.


Courses are competency-based, which means that PDLN issues badges to verify learning and mastery, enabling educators to present complete and up-to-date skill sets in their digital professional profiles.


PDLN is a leader in the open badge movement for educators. Badges are so much more than a certificate or sticker! They link to relevant metadata such as:


-course content

-validation criteria

-teacher work samples


And badges are portable, allowing educators to control how, when and with whom they share their credentials.

Choice and Value

Full-Access PDLN Suite

  • Enjoy access to all PDLN courses and micro-courses for an entire year. $325 /year


Single Courses

  • Build a new skill set with a single Badge Course (15 clock hours). $180/course
  • Take a Micro-course to pinpoint a specific skill (2-3 clock hours): $70/micro-course
University Credit

University of the Pacific - Professional Development Units : $75/unit (1 unit/badge course) Learn more


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