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Take online educational technology courses that help you build relevant skills to improve student learning, be more confident, and innovate in your teaching.


All-Access Suite (60+ PDLN courses) = $250/year 

Single course = $150/course

University of the Pacific PDU (optional for each eligible course) = $75/course 

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Why Choose PDLN?


A PDLN badge recognizes more than participation in a course. It shows that you have demonstrated you can apply your new skills and knowledge to your teaching practice. And that’s powerful!

Effective and Personal

PDLN courses are personalized. We honor skills and knowledge you already possess. That way, you can focus on acquiring new skills to improve learning, and apply them to your work with students.


We understand that teachers are always learning, and that teachers have to grab the rare moment of down time. PDLN courses take that into account. You can complete your professional development at your own pace, at times that work for you.


As a teacher, you’re not in it for the money. We get it. With PDLN’s educator-designed, high-quality courses, you can grow your professional skills and not break the bank. Get full access to every course and micro-course in the PDLN Suite for a low annual rate.

University Credit

Our first-of-its-kind partnership with University of the Pacific lets you earn university-based professional development units (PDUs) with each PDLN badge course. Check with your district first, but these PDUs might just move you up the pay scale a notch!

Digital Badges

Learning is an active process, and digital badges indicate more than just participation. When you share a badge, those who see it can click through to important data, such as when you earned it, what standards it meets, who issued it, and if you choose, what you did to demonstrate your competence. A PDLN badge means your work was validated by a credentialed third-party reviewer, enhancing the credibility of your badge.

Earn University-Based Professional Development Units

We've partnered with WASC-accredited University of the Pacific to offer educators the opportunity to earn professional development units, along with PDLN badges.

How It Works

1. Register & Enroll

Visit to enroll in the PDLN Suite, which provides you a year of full access to all our badge and micro-badge courses. You can also sign up for individual courses or microcourses.

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2. University Credit

Through PDLN’s first-of-its-kind partnership with University of the Pacific, you can earn graduate-level university professional development units (PDU) for your work in our full badge courses for only $75/course.

Prior to beginning your course, register here for graduate credit through University of the Pacific.

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Note: Tuition is non-refundable. We recommend you check with your district before you register to ensure that your credits/PDUs will apply. Neither University of the Pacific nor PDLN guarantee that units will be accepted by any entity.

3. Pre-Assessment

Every course begins with a brief, required pre-assessment, designed to help you reflect on your existing knowledge of the course topic, and to establish your learning goals and objectives.


Pre Assessment Screenshot

4. AOKs

To demonstrate competency at the end of each course, you will complete and submit evidence of learning in the form of Assessment(s) of Knowledge (AOKs). Our team of credentialed-educators will review your work to determine proficiency according to the rubric shown below.


We are committed to providing you with learning you can apply to your real-life teaching practice. You will have several AOK options from which to choose. You will always have at least one option that will result in material or plans you can use with your students immediately.


Please allow two weeks for our teacher evaluators to review your work and notify you about whether or not you passed the course and earned a badge. We are happy to work with you one-on-one if you need guidance.

AOK Rubric Screenshot

5. Post-Assessment

Every badge course concludes with a required post-assessment


Similar to the pre-assessment, the post-assessment is meant to be a personal reflection about what you learned from the course, and how you plan to apply your knowledge directly to your teaching practice



Post Assessment Screenshot

6. Micro-Credential Badge

Once you have taken a course, completed the required pre- and post-assessments, submitted your AOK(s), and your work has been reviewed according to our proficiency rubric, you will be issued a micro-credential in the form of an open digital badge.


You will receive an email containing your badge, along with instructions about how to access and share it with others.

PDLN issues open badges. That means every badge you earn is yours wherever you go. You will never need to incur any cost to share or display your badge.

 Badge                   University Credit Badge                  Micro Badge