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1. Do the badges require an ongoing fee in order to keep them?

No, PDLN’s badges do not expire, and we do not charge you to access them.

2. What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a representation of a micro-credential or a group of micro-credentials. Each badge has metadata attached to it so anyone who looks at it will be able to tell what the badge earner had to do in order to earn the badge.

Digital badges are portable, so information about each badge is easily viewed on the Internet.

When someone click the badge image, he/she can see who received the badge, who issued the badge, a description of the badge earner’s competencies, the criteria used to determine competency, and the issue date. If you prefer to have a physical copy of this information, simply print the page.

3. How long does it take for my AOK to be evaluated?

Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive notification about whether or not you passed the course. Our teachers will work with you one-on-one if you need any guidance.

4. How do I receive my digital badge?

Once our credentialed teacher-evaluators have determined your competency in a course topic, you will receive 2 e-mails. One e-mail will include the badge image with information about the badging platform we use, Badgr. The other e-mail  will be a notification that you have passed the course, and instructions to access and share your digital badge using Badgr.

5. What can I do with my digital badge?

One of the great features of a digital badge is its portability. A digital badge can be shared across social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), on any website or blog (perhaps you have a personal website to show off your skills, or maybe your school will promote your achievement), in an e-mail signature, and it can even be printed if necessary.

6. Can I register multiple people in a course, like a school or district?

Absolutely! Please contact us to discuss options for your staff, school, or district.

7. How do I attach evidence of knowledge to my digital badge?

If you want to make a sample of your completed coursework visible to the public, it can be attached to your digital badge. The work must be attached to the badge by PDLN. When we send the e-mail notification that you have passed the course, we will offer an option of uploading a sample of your work to the digital badge prior to issuing it. If you want a particular AOK uploaded, please e-mail it to PDLN as a reply within 48 hours of receiving the initial e-mail. The AOK file must be one of  the following formats:

  • File: PDF, text, Office (no larger than 20MB)
  • Image: .gif, .jpg or .png (no larger than 20MB)
  • Video: .mp4, .avi or .mov (no larger than 20MB)
8. How do I display my digital badge on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, a website, or a blog?

When you receive your digital badge via e-mail, the e-mail will include instructions for accessing and sharing your digital badge. In order to share your digital badge on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, follow the steps below.


1. Click on the badge image in the e-mail, and it will open in a new tab. Right click (or “control” + click) and save the image to your computer by selecting “Save Image As” or “Save Image to Downloads”.

2. Login to your Badgr account.
If you are new to Badgr, click here to sign up for free! (You will receive an e-mail from Badgr instructing you to confirm your new account.)

3. Click “Import Badge” in the upper-right corner.

4. When prompted with the Import Badge window, click the plus sign. Locate the badge from your “Desktop” or “Downloads” folder and select it by double clicking on the badge file.

5. Select “Import Badge” in the lower right corner.

6. Select the 3 vertical dots on the right side of your badge and select “Add to Collection”

7. Create a new Collection by clicking “Create New Collection (in red)”, or select a Collection you’ve previously created from the dropdown menu.

8. Select “Add”.

9. Now, navigate to “My Collections” at the top of your screen, click “My Collections”, and click on “View Details” of the Collection you want to share.

10. Select “Share” in the upper right corner, then “Toggle Share”, and a link will be provided for you to copy + paste into social media along with an embed code for websites. (Post the URL into a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn update, or directly onto your website or blog.)

11. Start sharing your digital badges today!