For Partners

No need to reinvent the wheel, let’s work together.

PDLN can help you...

Create a Custom Catalog

Choose which of PDLN’s courses you want to include in your catalog. Add your content, if you like. That way, you offer your team professional learning and digital badges targeted to your organizational goals. With PDLN’s constantly growing library of courses, and optional university credit, you provide professional learning on essential and trending topics.

Brand Your Courses

Your brand, out platform. If you’re developing or already have your own content or courses, we can provide your team with user-friendly access and the ability to track progress, pathways to submit evidence of learning, rubrics for evaluation, and badge issuing.

Create Digital Badges

With design, engineering and experience, we can create, issue, and host badges just for your content or catalog. Custom badges connect excellence, innovation, and professional growth with your organization or brand. Team members can stack badges to share their unique skills set with others. You can build your brand with every individual who shares one of the badges you enabled them to earn.

Perform Evaluations

Our third party review process ensures rigor and provides credibility to the badges we issue. It also allows you to focus on moving forward while your team grows their expertise. Experienced, credentialed educators review submitted evidence of learning (We call these Assessments of Knowledge, or AOKs.) and determine whether AOKs demonstrate mastery according to detailed rubrics that keep the process transparent and quality consistent.

Write & Customize Your Scripts

If we help you create original content or produce courses just for you, we offer expert scripting to make your PD the most effective it can be. We’ve mastered the art and know-how to convey information thoroughly but succinctly, and keep a course brisk and engaging. We’re happy to apply our expertise to your content needs and to smooth the production process, so you can focus elsewhere and trust that training will meet your team’s unique needs.

Partner Examples

See some examples of courses we have built for partner organizations with their custom brands.